1834 year
2015 year

1969 year April
“Lenin reading on foot” monument installed
On April, 22, 1969 the monument “Lenin reading on foot” dedicated to the 100th jubilee of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was installed at Scientific Center in Zelenograd.
1970 year
Central Avenue acquired a modern look

In early 70s Central Avenue acquired a modern look. High buildings along the Avenue are combined with population service and trade centers such as «Detskiy Mir», manufacturer's shop «Ocean», citizens' services center «Dom Byta», shop «Tovary Dlya Doma» and others.

1971 year
Opening of red-brick unique architecture complex of MIET

Opening of unique complex of red-brick buildings of Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (architecturors F.A.Novikov, G.E.Saevich).

1984 year
Monument to Alexander Ivanovich Shokin installed
Summer 1984 witnessed the grand opening of the bust to Alexander Ivanovich Shokin, a minister of electronic industry of the USSR, a founder of the All-Soviet Union microelectronics center in Zelenograd, twice-awarded Hero of Socialist Labour (1975, 1979), laureate of the state prize of the USSR (1952, 1953). The ceremony took place in Zelenograd beside the main entrance to MIET university.
1998 year
Opening of Kryukovskaya elevated road across railway
Opening of Kryukovskaya elevated road (overpass bridge) across railway. This road connected the old and new part of the city.
2006 year August
Demolition of the last “Khrushchyov-era” apartments
Compulsory rehousing of the inhabitants of the last five-storey buildings in the 4th microdistrict is completed. A festive occasion dedicated to the demolition of the last “Khrushchyov-era” apartment was held in the 4th microdistrict.
2008 year September
Monument to Zelenograd first builders installed
On September, 6 at 12:00 there took place a grand opening of the Memorial Sign to the builders of the microelectronics city in Zelenograd Square of Yunost.
2008 year February
New sculpture installed within the framework of “Relax in the city” project.
There are new city sculptures of various genres emerging in Zelenograd in 2008. In February a sculpture of girl with a dog was installed in Kryukovo avenue zone in the 15th district. Sergey Matserev, a sculpture, is the author of the project.
2009 year October
Opening of commemorative plaque to N. Zlobin
On November, 2, 2009 at 129 house there took place a grand opening of commemorative plaque to twice-awarded Hero of Socialist Labour, famous Zelenograd citizen and builder, contract services’ initiator Nikolay Anatol’yevich Zlobin.
2009 year August
“Zelenogradstroy” won “The best implemented project of 2008 in the field of investment and construction”
For the first time in the history of LLC “Firma Zelenogradstroy” the company became the winner of the contest called “The best implemented project of 2008 in the field of investment and construction”
2009 year May
Tree of happiness
The Alley of Love held the grand opening of Tree of Happiness right on the west side of the school’s pond. Decorative open-worked wrought tree has made local landscape more attractive and charming.
2009 year March
Opening of “Architect” sculpture group
On March, 4, 2009 “Architect” sculpture group was unveiled in the 15th microdistrict avenue on the birthday of the main Zelenograd architect, director of PMT “Zelenogradprojekt”, USSR People’s Artist and Honoured Architect of Russia Igor Alexandrovich Pokrovskiy (1926-2002). Igor Alexandrovich served as a prototype for the composition.

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