1834 year
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1967 year
Opening of Zelenograd sports school for children and adolescents

Opening of Zelenograd sports school for children and adolescents. Its alumni were members of picked sport teams of Zelenograd, Moscow and Russia.

2002 year
Opening of aquacentre «Blagovest»

Opening of aquacentre «Blagovest».

2005 year
IX Zelenograd semi-marathon took place in Zelenograd

IX Zelenograd semi-marathon gathered a number of running-lovers from 40 regions of Russia. Among them were merited sports masters, word-class athletes, champions of Russia, Europe and winners of most prestigious world marathons. Guests from India, Great Britain, Chernogoria, Ukraine toed the starting line as well.

2008 year August
Marathon race
On Sunday, August, 24, 2008 at 3:30 in the morning right on the same minute with Marathon race at the XXIX Olympic games a Marathon race in Zelenograd started too. Round 400 runners from Russia and 6 foreign countries participated in the distance.
2010 year October
Zelenograd citizen is the winner of the All-Russian Judo Tournament
Roman BUZUK, a 17-year-old Zelenograd citizen, is the winner of the All-Russian Judo Tournament
2011 year September
Zelenograd volleyball team became Russian champion
Women's team of Zelenograd became  Russian champion at the Russian volleyball championship.
2012 year October
October, a trial start of new ice rinks
October 22 witnessed a trial start of the new ice rinks. The rinks have been built in Park Pobedy, and at houses 1131, 2034 and 901.
2012 year September
Zelenograd model aircraft constructors world champions!
At the end of the Aircraft Modeling World Cup on 2012 Zelenograd athletes once again became World Champions in the category of racing models.
2012 year September
New "gorodki" game playground in Zelenograd
In accordance with the approved program on "The 'Gorodki' sport development" a new "gorodki" game playground opened in Zelenograd.
2012 year September
Zelenograd citizen, Raisa Chebanika, is a champion of Paraolympic Games
Raisa Chebanika won Paraolympic table tennis in W6 category
2013 year September
Young Zelenograd citizen became world champion in figure skating on roller skates
Zelenograd citizen Arina Legoshina won the title of world champion in figure skating on roller skates in her age group.
2013 year September
Turin pedestal of Zelenograd resident
Having covered the distance of 7900 kilometers from Zelenograd to Turin in his car, Yakov Gorbadey, being 74 years old, won bronze, silver and gold medals on the World Masters Games and triumphantly returned to his hometown.
2013 year August
Small Olympic Games for children
Social Protection Administration of Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow organized Junior Olympics for children from large, single-parent, and low-income families.
2013 year July
Creating a unified network of cycle routes in Zelenograd
There has been completed the first work phase to create a unified network of cycle routes in Zelenograd.
2013 year May
Footballer Alexander Panov opened Cup named after him in Zelenograd
Alexandr Panov Cup, the first tournament on mini-football, sponsored by the Football Club Association of Football Fans (organizers - S. Petukhov, I. Khomutov), took place on the artificial football field of school N1150 in the 16th district of Zelenograd.
2013 year April
Zelenograd athletes showed great results

With the participation of two Zelenograd citizens, Kirill Golosnitskiy and Nikita Koryabin, Team Russia won silver at the European Rugby 7 Championship  and Zelenograd citizen, champion of the Paralympic Games in London, Raisa Chebanika won gold at the Russian Table Tennis Championship.

2014 year November
Morning exercises with the Champion. 2014
For the first time in modern history of Moscow in "Savyolki" sports and recreation center, there took place a sports event "First Spartakiada Games of hitting qualifying standards of the All-Russian Sports Centre "GTO" among Zelenograd institutions that are subordinate to MOSCOMSPORT agencies.
2014 year October
Russian national team wins on Zelenograd land
The rugby stadium of Sports School of Olympic reserve ¹ 111 in Pobedy Park witnessed a friendly match between the Russian national team (U-19) and the team «Afrikaner Volkseie Sport» (AVS) from South Africa, which comes to Zelenograd for the second time.
2014 year July
Unique hockey event in Zelenograd
86 talented young people from all over Russia completed their training in Schools of Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Bryzgalov.
2014 year July
Unusual Show - Water Show of Rollers
July 12, at the beach of Bolshoy city pond of Zelenograd, the regular beachgoers witnessed an unusual sport event.

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