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1998 year
Celebration of the city 40th Anniversary
Celebration of the city 40th Anniversary.
1999 year
Zelenograd local history and lore museum celebrated its 30th birthday

Zelenograd local history and lore museum celebrated its 30th birthday.

2004 year December
Child Health Clinic ¹ 90 to celebrate its 35th anniversary.
35 years ago in December, 1969 in the second microdistrict of Zelenograd a new child health clinic ¹ 90 opened.
After the reconstruction in 1996 a Recovery Department for the city’s children was set in the clinic.
2005 year December
40th anniversary of MIET
On December, 9 MIET celebrated its 40th anniversary. On this day a grand meeting of scientific council took place. Y. Chaplygin, President of MIET, briefly touched upon the most important landmarks in the development of MIET.
2005 year September
“Electron” movie theatre has its 40th anniversary
Zelenograd first movie theatre is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

“Electron” movie theatre was established on September, 18 in the year of 1965. Those years a movie theatre was a cultural center of Zelenograd, all city’s public events were held there.
2007 year December
First school of Zelenograd celebrated its 45th anniversary.
On December, 7 842 secondary school, the first school of Zelenograd, celebrated its 45th anniversary. It accepted its first pupils on the first of September and double-shifted, accommodating the pupils of the School for Working Youth in the evening.
2008 year July
Zelenogradstroy celebrated its 45th anniversary.
The team of “Firma Zelenogradstroy” LLC celebrated its 45th anniversary. “Firma Zelenogradstroy” LLC was established in 1963. The company specializes in comprehensive development of Zelenograd city.
2008 year May
30th anniversary of Zelenograd Archaeological Union
Zelenograd Archaeological Union celebrated its 30th birthday.
2008 year March
50th Anniversary of Zelenograd

The 3rd of March, 1958 is considered to be the birthday of Zelenograd. On this day the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted the resolution on building city satellite of Moscow in the region of the station Krukovo belonged to the Octyabrskaya railway. Intensive city  construction works started in 1962. In order to establish a complex microelectronics center in 1962 the city was transferred under authority of the State Committee on Electronic Engineering .

2009 year December
Zelenograd consultative and diagnostic center of the local hospital ¹ 105 celebrates its 20th anniversary.
The local consultative and diagnostic center on the basis of children’s local hospital in the 8th microdistrict celebrated 20th anniversary.
2009 year November
40th anniversary of children’s music school ¹ 53
On November, 3, 2009 children’s music school ¹ 53 named after M. P. Musorgskiy celebrated its 40th anniversary.
2009 year October
October, 28, 2009 was the 100th birthday of founding father, electronic industry enthusiast, ex-minister of electronic industry of USSR A. Shokin.
Shokin Alexander Ivanovich (1909-1988) is one of the founders of Russian microelectronics. Minister of electronic industry of USSR(1965-1985).
2009 year August
20th anniversary of “Submicron”
On August, 24 federal state unitary enterprise “Research institute “Submicron”, one of the well-known enterprises of Zelenograd, that works for space industry and the defense of the country celebrated its 20th anniversary.
2009 year April
“Micron” celebrates its 45th anniversary
On April, 23, 2009 OJSC “RIME (Research Institute for Molecular Electronics) and Micron” celebrated its 45th anniversary.
2009 year March
40th anniversary of the Museum of Local History and Lore
On March, 20 the State Zelenograd Museum of local history and lore celebrated its 40th anniversary.
2011 year October
10th anniversary of "Inversia"
Student newspaper "Inversia" celebrated its 10th anniversary
2011 year September
50th anniversary of Avtokombinat motor pool
September, 1, Zelenograd motor pool celebrated its 50th anniversary
2011 year March
15th anniversary of youth choir "Vozrozhdeniye"
March, 20 youth choir "Vozrozhdeniye" celebrated 15th anniversary from the day of its foundation
2011 year January
30th anniversary of S. Diaghilev children's School of Arts
The stage of Zelenograd Concert Hall held a jubilee concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of S. Diaghilev Children's School of Arts.
2012 year September
50th anniversary of the first Zelenograd library 273
September 28, 1962 Library 273 officially opened its doors to the readers. It was the first cultural institution of Zelenograd being under construction.

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