1834 year
2015 year

1885 year
Rukavishnikovskaya hospital was built

1885 — Rukavishnikovskaya hospital was built.

1963 year
Establishment of sanitary city duty as a division of sanitary service of Leningrad district of Moscow
Establishment of sanitary city duty as a division of sanitary service of Leningrad district of Moscow. The health service of Zelenograd began working in the first health unit located in a panel cabin in the edge of the wood in the place of today's Berezovaya avenue.
1963 year
The 1st polyclinic ¹ 152 was opened
The 1st polyclinic ¹ 152 was opened.
1966 year
The children's polyclinic was put into operation
The children's polyclinic was put into operation. On the 22nd of January the city hospital (therapeutics department and children's department of 50 beds each) began working. Opening of maternity home and well-woman clinic. The main hospital building was put into operation in 1968. New therapeutics building was constructed in 1979.
2004 year December
Child Health Clinic ¹ 90 to celebrate its 35th anniversary.
35 years ago in December, 1969 in the second microdistrict of Zelenograd a new child health clinic ¹ 90 opened.
After the reconstruction in 1996 a Recovery Department for the city’s children was set in the clinic.
2005 year
Opening of dental polyclinic ¹ 35

Opening of dental polyclinic ¹ 35.

2008 year April
The world’s largest maternity clinic opened in Zelenograd
On April, 2, 2008 there took place a grand opening of a new maternity clinic in the 14th district. 40 thousand square meters  accommodate midwifery and gynecology departments that are going to seat 240 persons.
2008 year
Opening of New Maternity House

On April the 2 nd a new maternity house was opened in Zelenograd. Midwifery and gynecology departments for 240 beds occupy the area of 40 th. sq. meters. For comparison the old maternity house was equipped with 180 beds over the area of 12 th. sq. meters. All the old maternity house staff moved to the new building, P. Lesnyak remained at the head.

2009 year December
Zelenograd consultative and diagnostic center of the local hospital ¹ 105 celebrates its 20th anniversary.
The local consultative and diagnostic center on the basis of children’s local hospital in the 8th microdistrict celebrated 20th anniversary.
2011 year July
New department of medical emergency aid opened
July 1, 2011 a medical emergency department to cure adult population opened in Zelenograd
2011 year April
Pediatric Emergency Department opened
April 1, 2011 was marked by the opening of twenty-four-hour pediatric emergency department to provide home health care for Zelenograd children.
2011 year March
Child Health Centre opened
Child Health Centre opened on the basis of children's polyclinic  ¹ 54
2012 year March
Zelenograd: Happy Birthday
There are two dates on the historical calendar of Zelenograd: the 54th anniversary of the foundation and 50th anniversary since the first houses of the satellite city of Moscow were occupied.
2013 year September
Zelenograd Rehabilitation Center celebrated its jubilee
September 4, 2013 there took place a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the state-financed institution of the city of Moscow "Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled applying the methods of physical activity and sport."
2013 year July
July 8 casualty department opened in Zelenograd
Casualty department opened in house 2042
2013 year April
First issue of the Bud Zdorov Zelenograd Newspaper
There was published the first issue of the new publication of the District called Bud Zdorov Zelenograd (Be Healthy, Zelenograd).
2014 year September
A branch of Day care Municipal Hospital ¹3 opened
Hospital substitution technologies, most-searched by the population of the district, are constantly developing in Zelenograd.
2015 year June
Zelenograd hospice N 6 celebrates its 10th anniversary
Many people came to congratulate the staff, among them doctors and volunteers of Moscow Hospice N 1, as well as the heads of Zelenograd polyclinics

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