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The 3rd of March, 1958 is considered to be the birthday of Zelenograd. On this day the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted the resolution on building city satellite of Moscow in the region of the station Krukovo belonged to the Octyabrskaya railway. Intensive city  construction works started in 1962. In order to establish a complex microelectronics center in 1962 the city was transferred under authority of the State Committee on Electronic Engineering .

On 15th of January 1963 The Executive Committee of Moscow decided to name the new city Zelenograd.

Today  Zelenograd is a leading city founded as a scientific and industrial center and nowadays it fully proves this statement. Major city specialization in electronics was supplemented by innovations in many different fields of work and life. Small and middle business is successfully developing, with larger part of enterprises working in the sphere of high technologies. Such projects as Mobile District, Single City Computer Network, Center of Citizens and Organisations Service in the Framework of the «Single Window» System, Automatic System of Passenger Count in City Transport and many others were implemented and are of true effectiveness now. Housing funds undergoes renovation; the city is being reconstructed and looks better and better with everyday. The life quality of Zelenograd people is getting higher and that is the main aspect defining the city prosperity.

Photos:  Jubilee of Zelenograd
The fiftieth anniversary of Zelenograd